Dale R. Goodman, Ph.D., D.MiN. 

empowering life and relationships

Premarital Coaching

Your marriage is meant for a lifetime. Premarital coaching is one of the best ways to assist you. This is an excellent process to equips and encourage couples toward greater success.

Dr. Dale Goodman is a trained facilitator for one of the most comprehensive premarital tools used today called, "Prepare/Enrich". 
He provides approximately 6-8 six sessions covering topics such as...

  1. Identify strength and growth areas of your relationship
  2. Explore personality traits and how to work with your differences
  3. Strengthen your lines of communication
  4. Learn how to be more effective working with issues of conflict
  5. Explore your families, similarities and differences
  6. Discuss finances and debt
  7. Review personal, couple, and family goals
  8. Identify and manage major stressors
  9. Explore family of origin issues
  10. Sexuality
  11. Compatibilty
  12. Children

Along with this coaching, couples will take an online assessment.

Costs: Please contact us for further information.