Dale R. Goodman, Ph.D., D.MiN. 

empowering life and relationships

It's time for a marital reset. Are you ready?  Let us help you get there.  

Marriage is being redefined. The consequences: catastrophic. The blessings lost. Generations destroyed. What can be done? Where can we turn? What can we do?  

We must return to Eden for a marital reset. Marriage was defined in Eden. It's time to get back to Eden.Thousands of years ago the first marriage was penned in Eden. Marriage is defined in Eden.

At this time, Dr. Goodman, PhD presents his marriage and parenting research in small groups, workshops and retreats for the church community. His ultimate goal is to reach couples for Christ, to strengthen marriages and to build up the local church community. 

We do not charge for our presentations. We do ask for your heartfelt donations to our tax deductible ministry to enable us to offer these without charge.  Please contact us anytime at 678.860.0498 for more information. Below are some of the presentations we provide.


All presentations and material copyrighted by Dr. Dale Goodman, PhD, except for Prepare/Enrich.

Marriage 101: Seven Secrets to Eden

Marriage is under attack. Culture is deconstructing the very essence of God’s design. It’s essential to return to the historic writings found in the Book of Genesis. Couples will discover seven key principles undergirding their marital destiny.


  • Introduction/8 Core Beliefs/5 Benefits of Married Life
  • Dust in the Wind – We are more dependent upon God than we realize
  • Beliefs are Everything – Healthy beliefs lead to healthy marriages
  • In Eden – Discovering the role, responsibility and worth of the man
  • Not Good – Man in Isolation
  • Very Good – Discovering the role, responsibility and worth of the woman
  • It’s Yours – Beginning well (Leave, cleave)
  • Becoming One – A journey of a lifetime

Marriage 102: Empowering Your Marriage for a Lifetime

This series explores the concept of biblical empowerment for married life. These principles and practices of empowerment provide a strong foundation for greater oneness in married life.


  • Developing a Purpose Driven Marriage
  • Key Principles for Empowerment
  • Three Relentless Enemies to Marital Empowerment
  • The Beginning Point for Empowerment Blessings
  • Establishing a Biblical Identity for Empowerment
  • Obstacles to Marital Empowerment.1
  • Obstacles to Marital Empowerment.2
  • Empowerment in Action

Marriage 103: Building a Covenant Keeping Marriage

God’s covenant is the model for all married couples. It is love at the core. A great model for couples wanting a resilient marriage that endures a lifetime.


  • The Covenant: A Historical Model for Couples
  • The Covenant vs. The Contract
  • The Vital Signs of a Covenant Love
  • Primary Roles in a Covenant Marriage
  • What about Disenchantment & Divorce?
  • Your Covenant Vows & Promise for a Lifetime
  • Covenant Tools that Work.1
  • Covenant Tools that Work.2

Marriage 104: Discovering Your Compatibility Zones

This very unique course God’s unique wiring of the brain for greater oneness. Couples will explore how they process, perceives and related to each other based their God-given right and left brain hemisphere traits. It is groundbreaking. The implications for this can make the difference in a surviving or thriving marriage.


  • What’s this all about?
  • Two are Better than One
  • Discovering Your Compatibility Zone Typing
  • Week 4 – Analyzing Your Compatibility Zone Typing
  • Week 5 – How to Relate to your Counterpart - 1
  • Week 6 – How to Relate to your Counterpart - 2

Marriage 105: Communication, Communication, Communication

Many marriages fail to thrive. Communication, the ability to be heard and understood, rarely happens. This series will unpack many insights and tools for stablishing healthy communication for healthy marriages.


  • Understanding the Misunderstanding in Communication
  • The Unhealthy Signs of Dysfunctional Communication
  • Signs of Healthy Functional Communication
  • Vital Nutrients for Communication that Connects
  • Establishing a Communication Code
  • Restoring the Broken Lines of Communication
  • Are you listening?
  • Making Time for Each Other – A Communication Contract by John Wesley

Marriage 106: Winning with Conflict

Conflict need not be our enemy. Couples will discover how to work with and win with conflict. This is a must for all couples wanting a fulfilling marriage.

Part I

  • Introduction & Three Myths
  • The Different Ways & Styles for Handling Conflict
  • The First Steps toward Resolving Conflict
  • Assumptions for Resolving Conflict
  • Four Resolutions in Handling Conflict
  • Proactive Steps for Minimizing Conflict
  • A Guide for Keeping Conflict Civil
  • Forgiveness and Restoration


Dr. Dale Goodman, PhD is a Certified Facilitator.  These presentations are for any premarital or married couple wanting to build a thriving married life. There is an assessment cost of $35.00/couple


  • Introduction/Exploring strength and growth areas
  • Strengthening communication skills
  • Identifying and manage major stressors
  • Resolving conflict using the Ten Step Model
  • Developing a more balanced relationship
  • Exploring family of origin issues
  • Discussing financial planning and budgeting
  • Establishing personal, couple and family goals
  • More topics as needed