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Marriage Killers by Dr. James Dobson 

Dr. James Dobson shares several topics that tend to undermine our marriages.  Dr. Dobson shares insight and great advice on how to avoid the "Great Marriage Killers."  If you want more information please go to Dr. Dobson's post on this.

Spend a few moments and discuss these with your spouse.  Are there any that need your attention?  Please take these seriously, these could undermine your marriage. 

1.    Over-commitment and physical exhaustion.

2.    Excessive credit and conflict over how money will be spent.

3.    Selfishness.

4.    Conflict with in-laws.

5.    Unrealistic expectations.

6.    Space invaders.

7.    Alcohol and drug abuse.

8.    Pornography, gambling, and other behavioral addictions.

9.    Business failure.

10.  Business success.

11.  Getting married too young.

"I'll ask you, the reader, how will you beat the odds that could wreck your marriage? How will you build a solid relationship that will last until death takes one of you across the Great Divide? 

There is only one answer: Give your marriage and your children the priority they deserve. Let nothing squeeze them out of first place. Then take these beloved family members to the Lord in prayer every day of your life." ? Dr. James Dobson