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From Adultery to Restoration

The Story of Mike and Zoe Seed

What happens when a 29-year marriage suddenly comes to an end?   Everything changed the day another person took an interest in my husband.  The man I had held close to my heart betrayed me for another.   

Family dynamics changed, even our adult children felt the effects of the separation. This period lasted for two years during which time I remained willing to put our marriage back together.

My love and forgiveness, however, wasn’t enough.  No matter what I wanted or hoped, the harsh reality was that reconciliation would not happen, unless my husband wanted it as well. 

Walking through the most difficult time of my life brought days filled with pain, rejection, loneliness, and unending tears.  I prayed, cried out to God, drew close to Him, and searched the Bible for hope and answers.  God ministered to me in ways beyond my understanding.  He carried me.

I began to write the story which developed into a manuscript, that later became published as Choices Not Chosen.   My words became tools to describe the oppressiveness of the mess I did not choose, that I knew only God could fix.

Everyone in our family rode the roller coaster ride when my husband moved home and then left again to be with the other woman.  This scenario repeated itself all too often.  Because there was no heart change, much of what my husband spoke were empty words.

Ending a marriage often takes many trips to the courtroom.  Mike and I only went to court once, in front of a judge we did not know, and in less than fifteen minutes our divorce was final. The quickness of the process did not make it painless.   

 This was not to be the end of the story.  When it appeared all was lost -- God was still at work. 

This is Mike’s part of the story:

Everything I held dear was gone – my purpose, my identity, my children, and even my wife.  Life crashed in around me and thoughts of suicide filled my mind. The battle between good and evil became a showdown.  I knew the only solution was to surrender to God.  I found myself on the kitchen floor of my upstairs garage apartment in a fetal position. In that moment, God reached down, took hold of me, and totally transformed my life with a miracle!

Following God’s intervention, Zoe and I reconciled and the long restorative process began.  Areas of trauma, pain, and sorrow met the healing hand of our Lord.  We began to rebuild our lives together with God at the center.

We are still amazed at the miracle of God in our lives and marriage.  He took the pieces of our broken marriage and built a better model.  We know what it was like to go through the pain of divorce.  With this knowledge we encourage others whose marriages are in trouble and know we can assure them of hope.

We claim Roman’s 8:28 as our promise for we know that in all things God works for the good of those who love Him, who have been called according to His purpose.

Through our restoration process another manuscript developed into a second book, “Do You Know the BEST Part?”  It focuses on the rebuilding journey that the Lord took us on and our discovery of the BEST Part.  

We serve as marriage mentors and thank God for second chances. It is a blessing to share our experiences for the Glory of the Lord and know what He did for us, He will do for others!


Michael and Zoe A. Seed volunteer as marriage mentors through Marriage, Inc.  Their life experience has allowed them to assist couples in troubled marriages to discover hope. 

Zoe has written two books: Choices Not Chosen, and “Do You Know the BEST Part?” The first is her journey through brokenness, and the second focuses on restoration.

They reside in Bourbonnais, Illinois and are blessed with three grown children and three extra-ordinary grandchildren. 

God’s plan in their lives is truly the BEST part.

Please contact Mike and Zoe to assist with your marriage @ zseed@olivet.edu or 815-939-3957.


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